Opening of the Leasing Office for Westwalk DDO: Elevating Your Living Experience

We are thrilled to announce that the leasing office for Westwalk in Dollard-des-Ormeaux (DDO) is now open. Westwalk DDO is a prestigious new rental condo project designed to elevate your living experience to unprecedented levels of luxury and comfort. Nestled in the heart of DDO, at 3073 boul. des Sources, our leasing office is now ready to welcome future residents who value sophistication, well-being, and an unparalleled quality of life.

Westwalk: A Synthesis of Luxury and Comfort

Westwalk is not just a place to reside; it’s a gateway to an elevated lifestyle where the exceptional becomes the everyday. With its meticulous design and thoughtful inclusions, Westwalk is setting a new benchmark for rental living by offering an unmatched environment that enriches daily life and enhances well-being.

A Place Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Discover our range of rental condos, from intimate lofts to spacious accommodations with 1 to 4 bedrooms, designed to meet the diverse needs of our residents. Each condo is more than a mere living space—it’s a home that’s been tailored to your lifestyle, complete with the option for a den and private terrace.

Exceptional Communal Spaces

At Westwalk, luxury extends beyond your private residence into premier communal spaces that redefine modern comfort. Created by the renowned Atelier Zébulon Perron, these areas are accessible to all residents, offering amenities like a rooftop pool with breathtaking views, a terrace and barbecue area, a fully equipped gym, and modern co-working spaces.

Inclusions and Services

Our project goes the extra mile to ensure comfort and convenience:

  • Efficient Climate Control System: Enjoy year-round comfort with an advanced climate control system.
  • Utilities and Appliances Included: Electricity, heating, hot water, and six appliances are included in every apartment.
  • Unlimited Internet Access: Fast, reliable, and unlimited internet access throughout the complex.
  • 24/7 Security: Peace of mind with round-the-clock remote camera monitoring.
  • State-of-the-Art Gym: Access to a 1500 sq.ft. Fitness Center with stunning views.

The elegance of Westwalk is evident from the moment you enter, with a 2-story lobby adorned with marble and natural wood details, enhancing the sophistication of the space.

Extras for an Enhanced Living

To further enrich your living experience, Westwalk offers indoor parking and lockers, adding convenience and security to your daily life.

Ideal Location

Living at Westwalk means enjoying the tranquility of a residential neighborhood while being close to essential services. With proximity to the Réseau express métropolitain (REM), shops, restaurants, parks, and schools, Westwalk ensures a practical and pleasant lifestyle.

Visit Us Today

We invite you to visit our leasing office to learn more about how Westwalk can be your new prestigious address in DDO. Embrace the opportunity to elevate your lifestyle where luxury, comfort, and community come together to create something truly exceptional.

Leasing office address :

3073 boul. des Sources, Dollard-des-Ormeaux (QC) H9B 1Z8

Learn more about the project: Westwalk Webpage

Embracing the Future: A Tour of Devmont’s New Office Space

In the rapidly evolving world of tech and innovation, Devmont has always been at the forefront. Our commitment to creativity, collaboration, and community has seen us grow from an emerging building company to an industry leader. Today, we’re elated to introduce you to the next chapter in our journey: our brand-new office space nestled in the heart of our newest project, Westbury Montreal.

Stepping Inside the Modern Elegance

Upon entering our new office, you will be immediately amazed. Our modern and sophisticated design is evident right from the sleek reception area that welcomes employees and visitors alike. This isn’t just an office; it’s a statement of our dedication to quality, aesthetics, and comfort.



The spacious kitchen, complete with its magnificent island, acts as a communal hub for coffee breaks, lunch, and those ever-so-important informal brainstorming sessions. Designed with both collaboration and relaxation in mind, it’s a space where the best ideas are brewed along with the coffee.


A Space that Speaks of Innovation and Relaxation

Beyond the elegant common areas, the open working space is where the magic truly happens. Emphasizing teamwork and fostering creativity, this area is the heartbeat of our company. Whether it’s a project manager planning our new development, our marketing team brainstorming a new campaign, or a team lead mapping out project milestones, this space accommodates all with grace.

Yet, all work and no play can dull even the sharpest minds. That’s why our Game Room is an integral part of the office design. Fancy a friendly match of pool or foosball? It’s all right there, allowing for those much-needed breaks to recharge and come back to the desk with renewed vigor.


Local Artistry Meets Corporate Excellence

Our connection to the local art scene remains unwavering. Our conference room, often the place of intense discussions and decision-making, proudly features a replica of the breathtaking art wall. This masterpiece, crafted by renowned local artists such as Carmelo Blandino, Jason Botkin, Kevin Ledo, and Melissa Del Pinto, was born from our charity event in March. Every time we step into this room, we’re reminded of the community we belong to and the impact we have been creating.


The Road Ahead

Our relocation to 5139 Av. de Courtrai suite 300, Montréal, H3W 0A9 is more than just a change of address. It’s a declaration of our aspirations, our dreams, and the heights we aim to achieve. With this new space, we see endless possibilities – projects to be kickstarted, challenges to be overcome, innovations to be introduced, and milestones to be celebrated.



This office stands as a testament to our journey thus far and the even more remarkable journey that lies ahead. Its walls echo our ethos: innovation, community, and progress. Every corner has been meticulously planned to encourage brainstorming, foster collaboration, and celebrate achievements.


Let’s Shape the Future Together

We’ve always believed in the power of collaboration, both internally amongst our teams and externally with our community and partners. And now, with our new space, we have the perfect environment to bring these collaborations to life.

The future is bright and filled with endless possibilities. As we step into this new chapter with enthusiasm and determination, we’re not just moving to a new address; we’re moving towards a brighter, more innovative future. And we’d love for you to join us on this exciting journey.


Together, let’s make great things happen!

Walkable Lifestyle at Westbury Montréal: The Key to a Vibrant and Lively Neighborhood

Imagine living and working in a neighborhood where everything you need is just a short stroll away. Westbury Montréal, a mixed-use development project, is designed with walkability and revitalization in mind, making it an ideal location for individuals and businesses alike. By promoting a walkable lifestyle, Westbury Montréal offers residents and workers the opportunity to enjoy a more vibrant, lively, and sustainable community. Read on to discover how walkability is the key to unlocking the full potential of this exciting new neighborhood.

The Importance of Walkability in Neighborhood Revitalization

Walkability is a crucial factor in creating vibrant, thriving neighborhoods. It refers to the ease with which people can navigate an area on foot, accessing shops, restaurants, services, and other amenities without the need for a car. Walkable communities typically enjoy lower crime rates, increased community engagement, and a stronger sense of belonging among residents.

Revitalization is the process of renewing and improving an area to make it more attractive and functional. This can involve enhancing walkability, introducing new businesses and amenities, and improving the overall quality of life. By creating a pedestrian-friendly environment, revitalization efforts can attract new businesses and residents, driving economic growth and fostering a sense of community.

Mixed-Use Spaces: Desirable and Sustainable

There are several factors that make mixed-use spaces, like Westbury Montréal, particularly appealing. One of the most significant benefits is the sense of community and connectivity they provide. By having a diverse mix of businesses and residences in close proximity, people can easily access the services they need, fostering a sense of neighborliness and belonging.

Mixed-use spaces are also more sustainable and environmentally friendly. By incorporating multiple land uses within a single area, they require less infrastructure, reducing traffic and congestion. Furthermore, when residents can walk or bike to their destinations instead of driving, emissions are reduced, contributing to improved air quality.

Westbury Montréal: The Perfect Blend of Walkability and Revitalization

Westbury Montréal is a shining example of how walkability and revitalization can transform a neighborhood. Located at the crossroads of Le Triangle and the Town of Mont-Royal, this development offers condos, service shops, restaurants, modern recreational facilities, and a hotel, all designed with sustainability in mind.

The project is centered around an urban oasis of green spaces, modern buildings, and sophisticated architecture, featuring a network of sidewalks and stone alleys reminiscent of European cities. The harmonious blend of residential and commercial spaces ensures that everything residents and workers need is within easy walking distance.

Embracing Transit-Oriented Development

Westbury Montréal is designed as a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD), focusing on the Namur and Plamondon metro stations. This approach encourages active transportation, social interaction, and thoughtful urban design. By prioritizing public transit and promoting urban activities, the development aims to enhance the entire area while minimizing its environmental impact.

This sustainable and renewable outlook not only improves the quality of life for residents and workers but also adds value to their investments, making Westbury Montréal an attractive destination for businesses and individuals alike.

Experience the Westbury Montréal Difference

Westbury Montréal offers a truly unique living and working experience by combining walkability, revitalization, and sustainability in a vibrant, lively neighborhood. By choosing to live or work in this innovative mixed-use development, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of a walkable lifestyle, from a stronger sense of community and belonging to improved health and well-being. Discover the Westbury Montréal difference for yourself and embrace the walkable lifestyle that this dynamic neighborhood has to offer.

Discover Westbury Green: The Ideal Blend of Office Space and Lifestyle

Welcome to Westbury Green, where office spaces and a sought-after lifestyle blend seamlessly to create the perfect work environment. Located in the heart of Westbury Montréal, this dynamic neighbourhood offers everything your employees need for a fulfilling work-life balance. From the extensive central park to local shops, restaurants, and terraces, Westbury Green is the place where work and play meet. Read on to learn more about this exciting project and why it’s the perfect choice for your business.

A Workspace That Inspires

Westbury Green boasts over 25,000 sq. ft. of modern office space, designed with your employees’ comfort and productivity in mind. Floor-to-ceiling windows optimize natural light and provide an incredible view of the 40,000 sq. ft. park, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. Say goodbye to monotonous workdays as the stunning green space inspires creativity and motivation.

With the added convenience of both indoor and outdoor parking options, your employees can enjoy a hassle-free commute and have more time to focus on their work and well-being.

Westbury Montréal: A Thriving Neighborhood

The Westbury Montréal neighbourhood is designed to accommodate a vibrant community with more than 550 condo units. Its strategic location offers easy access to major highways (15 and 40) and the Namur metro station, making it an excellent choice for businesses that value connectivity.

The neighbourhood’s commercial hub houses various shops, services, and dining options, all located within the same building as the rental offices. With everything they need right at their doorstep, your employees can save time and energy, boosting overall job satisfaction and productivity.

Hilton Garden Inn and Hilton Homewood Suites: World-Class Accommodations

As an integral part of the Westbury Montréal project, the Hilton Garden Inn and Hilton Homewood Suites offer top-notch accommodations for visiting clients and investors. Just 15 minutes from the airport, these hotels provide an excellent base for business travelers, ensuring their stay in Montréal is both comfortable and convenient.

With world-class hospitality, your clients will have the perfect opportunity to experience Westbury Green’s vibrant lifestyle firsthand, making a lasting impression and fostering stronger business relationships.

Why Choose Westbury Green?

The unique combination of high-quality office spaces and a lively, trendy district sets Westbury Green apart from other commercial developments. Here are some key reasons why Westbury Green is the ideal choice for your business:

  • Unparalleled Workspace: Bright, spacious offices with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a 40,000 sq. ft. park create an inspiring work environment.
  • Accessibility: The strategic location offers easy access to major highways, public transportation, and ample parking options, ensuring a smooth commute for your employees.
  • Thriving Community: With over 550 condo units, a bustling commercial hub, and a wide range of amenities, Westbury Montréal fosters a dynamic, engaged community.
  • Convenient Services: Your employees will have access to essential shops and services, as well as a variety of dining options, all within the same building.
  • Exceptional Accommodations: The Hilton Garden Inn and Hilton Homewood Suites provide luxurious lodging options for visiting clients and investors, reinforcing the value of doing business with your company.

Westbury Green is more than just office space; it’s a vibrant, thriving community that enhances the overall work experience. By choosing Westbury Green, you’re not only providing your employees with an unparalleled workspace, but you’re also investing in their well-being and happiness. Join the Westbury Montréal family and experience the difference a dynamic, innovative neighbourhood can make for your business.

Devmont Hosts Charity Event Featuring Art Auction and Private Comedy Show by Sugar Sammy to Support MultiCaf, Raising $375,000

Montreal-based construction and development leader, Devmont, proudly announces the success of their charity fundraising event to benefit MultiCaf, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring food security in the Côte-des-Neiges district of Montreal. The event, which took place on March 30th, 2023, featured an art auction and a private comedy show by the world-renowned comedian Sugar Sammy. Thanks to the incredible support of attendees and sponsors, they managed to raise an impressive $375,000 during the fundraiser.

Over the past decade, Devmont has successfully raised over $1 million in donations for MultiCaf. In response to the organization’s current challenges, Devmont’s founders, Sam and Joseph Scalia, have decided to host this special event to help MultiCaf continue its essential work in the community.

The evening’s festivities were held at the Westbury Ballroom, Hilton Garden Inn Midtown Montreal, from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. The art auction showcased a unique wall created through the collaboration of four talented local artists: Carmelo Blandino, Kevin Ledo, Melissa Del Pinto, and Jason Botkin.

The Mayor of the Borough of Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Mrs. Gracia Kasoki Katahwa, graced the event as the guest of honor. The renowned Natasha Gargiulo served as the event’s host, ensuring a memorable and entertaining evening for all attendees.

Devmont extends a warm thank you to media members who helped raise awareness for MultiCaf’s vital mission and asks for their continued support in promoting this important cause.


Devmont Multicaf 2023 V2

Devmont presents Santa’s Workshop for Multicaf Kids

For a 13th consecutive year, Devmont is partnering with MultiCaf, a Côte-des-Neiges non-profit organization that has a mission to provide food aid, to create a social link, and seek resources for low-income people in Côte des Neiges / Snowdon district.

Last weekend, Devmont presented Santa’s workshop at the Westbury ballroom in Hilton midtown in collaboration with JRC toys on Royalmount Santa’s Workshop with Holiday sweet stations & activities for kids. Santa delivered toys for all the kids, courtesy of JRC toys.

Devmont is proud to support the community organization Multicaf over the years and would like to thank all its partners who contributed to this successful event.

Swipe to see photos of the annual Christmas event.

Pictures –

Devmont demonstrates community involvement by contributing nearly $1 million to Montreal’s MultiCaf community cafeteria

Montréal, May 11, 2022 – Montreal real estate developer Devmont is proud to announce that it has made a major donation of $150,000 to the MultiCaf community cafeteria, a community organization dedicated to food security in the Côte-des-Neiges neighborhood in Montreal. As a partner since 2001, Devmont has accumulated nearly a million dollars in donations to support the mission of this organization.

We are very happy to see that our donations and those of our partners can make a real difference in our communities,” said Sam Scalia, president of Devmont. MultiCaf’s mission is close to our hearts and knowing that we have been providing essential support to its survival for many years makes us particularly proud.

Sam Scalia, president of Devmont and Jean-Sébastien Patrice

Sam Scalia, president of Devmont and Jean-Sébastien Patrice, general manager of Multicaf

The MultiCaf community cafeteria offers economical meals and several emergency food services to more than 3,000 civic addresses in the Côte des Neiges/Snowdon district, in Montreal. More than 7,000 low-income people benefit from its healthy food services. MultiCaf’s goal is to reduce the need for its services in the neighborhood. Thanks to donations from Devmont, the organization was able to expand its kitchen and modernize its facilities in 2018, allowing it to serve more meals to those in need.

“With the significant sums paid by Devmont and its partners over the past few years, we have been able to help an impressive number of people by providing them with healthy food choices and several other support resources,” says Jean-Sébastien Patrice, General Manager of MultiCaf . The pandemic and its effects have hit our community and our organization hard in 2020. This year, without the financial support of Devmont and its partners, we would have had to close our doors and cease our activities. It is reassuring to be able to count on the support of responsible companies that care about the well-being of our communities; this allows us to carry out our mission.

Many Devmont partners have also rallied to the cause, including Ventilation Volmair Inc., Portes & Fenêtres ADG, Entreprises Electriques Grufil Inc., Plomberie Jacques Thibault & Fils Inc., Bau-Québec Ltée., Acier d’armature Vimada Inc. , Coffrage Forma, Carrelage Casco Inc., Stekar Systems Inc., BSG Inc., Hardwood floors Barwood Pilon, Béton Hi-Tech, Ébénisterie Hi-Teck Inc., Ramp-Art, Surface Imports, Ruel & Frère Ltée, the contractors DPE Ltée, Ritcher SENCRL/LLP, Urgo Hotels Canada, Crochetière, Petrin, Camitec Concrete Finishing Inc., Samcon, Proment, PA Supermarkets, Leroux Cote Burrogano, Peintures Filmar Inc., Lexcial Law Firm, Cathy Monticciolo and Frank Cianci.

Devmont Contributing

From left to right (holding the cheque): André Corbeil, deputy general manager of Multicaf, Sam Scalia, president of Devmont, Jean-Sébastien Patrice, general manager of Multicaf and Joseph Scalia, vice-president of Devmont.


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